Seva Venet
“Traditional New Orleans Jazz”
Seva Venet Men Working On Jazzology Records 1. Fidgety Feet 2. Doctor Jazz 3. Here Comes That Hot Tamale Man 4. Mens Working 5. Sugar 6. Muscrat Ramble 7. Messin' Around 8. Nobody Knows But Me 9. Limehouse Blues 10. A Fool Such As I 11. That Glory Day ©2008 Seva Venet
Musicians Seva Venet - national steel guitar, slide guitar, banjo, vocals Lars Edegran - piano, guitar Charlie Fardella - trumpet Tom Fischer - clarinet Tom Saunders - string bass, tuba Wendell Eugene - trombone, vocal Charles Leary - washboard Matt Rhody - violin Shannon Powell - drums #6
1. Jazz Me Blues (TomDelaney) 2. Margie (Con Conrad/J. Russel Robinson) 3. City Park Strut (Seva Venet)(Bayou St. John Publishing) 4. Ay, Mama Inez (Eliseo Grenet) 5. Stumbling (Edward Elzear Confrey) 6. Old Rugged Cross (George Bennard) 7. Fidgety Feet (Edwin B. Edwards, Nick La Rocca, Tony Spargo & Larry Shields) 7. Oh! Donna Clara (Jerzy Petersburski/Andrzej Wlast) 8. Linger Awhile (Harry Owens/ Vincent Rose) 9. Struttin’ With Some Barbeque (L. Armstrong) 10. When I Grow Too Old To Dream (Sigmond Romberg)
Musicians Seva Venet- National Steel guitar all tracks, vocal on 11 John Parker- Rhythm Guitar all tracks, vocal 2 Matt Rhody- mandolin all tracks, violin on 4,6,7,and 10 Lars Edegran - tenor resonator guitar all tracks Kerry Lewis - upright bass all tracks Steve Blailock - electric guitar all tracks
Seva Venet Presents: the Storyville Stringband of New Orleans
©2010 Seva Venet
1. Downtown 2nd Line 2. I Wanna Dance 3. The Okra Vendor 4. Sauvage Bleu 5. My Bayou Home 6. Song of the Islands 7. Shine Your Light on Me 8. Serenader’s Rag 9. Old Green River 10. Ragtime 11. Celebrate! 12. Three From Me 13. The Green Rag 14. Wela-Ka-Hao
Musicians Seva Venet John Parker Matt Rhody Sammy Rimmington Lars Edegran Jesse Boyd Greg Stafford
Seva Venet Presents: the Storyville Stringband of New Orleans
©2012 Seva Venet
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1. That’s a Plenty 2. Is it Good To You 3. Canal Street Blues 4. Lorenzo’s Blues 5. High Society 6. Medley: Creole Belles, Aloha Oe, My Bucket’s Got a Hole In It 7. St. James Mazurka 8. Quadrille: Call, Figure 1 Figure 2 (Lancer) 9. El Zopilote Mojado (the Wet Buzzard Polka) 10. The Beautiful Blue Danube 11. Make Me a Pallet On Your Floor 12. Abide with me
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Musicians Bass - Mitchell Player, Jesse Boyd, Marc Brooks, Kerry Lewis, Clarinet - Tommy Sancton, James Evans, Dr. Michael White Guitar- Seva Venet, John Parker Tenor Guitar- Lars Edegran Ukelele- Tim Paco Violin and mandolin - Matt Rhody
w/11 New  Original Songs w/ History of  String Bands in  New Orleans
Seva Venet: Revisiting New Orleans String Bands 1880-1949
Including 16 page booklet covering the history of New Orleans String Bands
©2014 Seva Venet
1. Oriental Strut - Johnny St. Cyr 3:302. 2. Musieu Bainjo (Mr. Banjo) - Traditional Creole Song (Arr. Seva Venet) 2:38 3. Station Calls - John Marerro 3:27 4. Give Me That Good Old New Orleans Jazz - Emanuel Sayles 4:32 5. The World is Waiting For the Sunrise - Eugene Lockhart/Ernest Seitz 2:55 6. ‘Aint Gonna Rain No More (Boozan Kings) - traditional (Original lyric by Seva Venet) 2:43 7. Heebie Jeebies - Boyd Atkins 2:58 8. Some of These Days - Shelton Brooks 7:04 9. Stick it Where You Stuck it Last Night - Danny Barker 6:02 10. Careless Love - traditional (Chris Kelly) 3:06 11. My Memphis Baby - Narvin Kimball/Harry Goodwin 3:04 12. Do Lord - traditional (Julia Ward Howe) 4:45
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Seva Venet: New Orleans Banjo Vol 1 “Musieu Bainjo”
Includes 2 PDF files: The Story of the Banjo in New Orleans - an extensive essay with photos AND biographic and career info on 8 New Orleans banjo legends!
©2017 Seva Venet
Seva Venet - 6-string banjo, tenor banjo, banjolele, guitar, vocals, kazoo Greg Stafford - trumpet, vocals Leon “Kid Chocolate” Brown - trumpet, vocals, tom-toms, kazoo Dr. Michael White - clarinet Orange Kellin - clarinet Steve Pistorious - piano Marie Watanabe - piano Kerry Lewis - bass Frank Naundorf - trombone Freddy Lonzo - trombone David Harris - trombone Jerry Anderson - drums Shannon Powell - drums, washboard, tambourine, vocals
New CD with PDF: History on 8  Banjo Legends with PDF:  History of the  Banjo in New Orleans
Musicians All tracks: Seva Venet, National steel guitar, guitar, and/or banjo. Vocals on 1, 5, 7, 11 and 14 (A) Charlie Fardella, trumpet; Rick Trolsen, trombone; Bruce Brackman, clarinet;Tom McDermott, piano; Robert Snow, bass; Chaz Leary, washboard (B) Richard Scott, piano; Tom Saunders, bass or bass sax (C) David Leonard, trumpet; Auora Nealand, soprano sax; Richard Scott, piano, Roselyn Leonard, mandolin and vocal; Sidney Snow, bass
Seva Venet and Friends What's in the bag? New Orleans and Beyond 1. Who Needs Music? (3:51) 2. I Won't Dance (3:11) 3. Panama (5:40) 4. The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise (3:54) 5. Singin' The Blues And Cryin' (2:22) 6. Blu Lou (6:02) 7. Yes, Yes, Yes (3:20) 8. Siboney (4:05) 9. Nuages (2:37) 10. Um A Zero (3:42) 11. Lonesome Road (5:01) 12. Purple Rose Of Cairo (2:03) 13. Slippin' (3:05) 14. Bye And Bye (5:12) ©2007 Seva Venet
Featuring Greg Stafford Vocals on  Track 1